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Oil free water injected screw compressors

WIS® compressors, thanks to water lubrication properties have a low air temperature increase that
allows high energy effi ciency.
They integrate a standard Reverse Osmosis system, which plugged to tap water, refi lls the main water
flow when required with a water free ofmineral, sediments and bacteria.

Specifi c components also equipped the WIS® to avoid premature wear linked to water aggressivity:
stainless steel water tank and fi lter housing, brass couplings and connections, Aluminium/Bronze
alloy screw element housing, and polymerised ceramic rotors.
All WIS® are controlled with a sophisticated electronic controller that allows extended communication
capability, including room control of up to 4 WIS® (optional).


Any WIS® compressor of the range, can be fi tted with an integrated
dryer for an optimal air treatment solution:

• Easy installation on the work place.
• Space saving.
• Appropriate dryer dimensioning.
• Low dew point (3°C at reference conditions).
• Low power consumption and low pressure drop.
• Optimized connection to the compressor.

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