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We offer services on starting-up and adjustment, installation, repair and service of the list of compressor equipment Ceccato.

Delivery of the equipment

We offer you all spectrum of compressor equipment Ceccato for manufacture, осушки and clearing of compressed air, and also auxiliaries - receivers, drain valves, dividers of a condensate, service sets, spare parts. We deliver the compressor equipment practically on any range of pressure and productivity.


We offer installation works for all spectrum of the offered equipment. Non-failure operation of the compressor equipment in many respects depends on that, is how much competent and the compressor as it is started in operation is correctly placed and mounted. Especially actually it for greater and powerful compressors. Screw, spiral - each type of compressors has the subtleties and features. We carry out erection and starting-up and adjustment works of the compressor equipment. For performance of works it is possible


We offer service, guarantee, delivery of spare parts to compressor equipment Ceccato on the basis of the contract of service. Our experts conduct the schedule of service, and at approach of next time of an interservice interval of its carrying out is coordinated with the client. We incur the decision of all problems connected with the compressor equipment (service, repair, diagnostics of malfunctions, etc.). At occurrence of an emergency, breakage of the compressor, our experts in current of 48 hours take measures on its elimination. The service contract - the optimum decision for the companies which is inexpedient to hold in staff of the qualified expert on repair of the compressor equipment.