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Oil Water Separators

Oil Water Separators FOD

Every process involving the compression, cooling and treatment of compressed air produces condensates that may contain more or less oil depending on the type of compressor.

Collecting and disposing of these condensates is both
difficult and extremely costly due to factors including:

  • local storage,
  • transportation to specialised centres for aftertreatment of specific waste,
  • maintenance of appropriate registers, where required.

It is well known that oil is a high pollutant. Even a small quantity can cover a vast water surface.

Separating the oil from the condensate water right from the outset is undoubtedly less burdensome both in terms of management and general costs.

Ceccato Aria Compressa S.p.A. has always prioritised
environmental management, and has held UNI EN ISO 14001certification since 2001.
We offer: FOD

  • a simple solution to a big problem;
  • an aid to help humans protect the environment.

The FOD oil/water separator is simple to install and use, and does not require electrical powering.

The oil is separated through a multistage filtration process. The oil is absorbed by special absorbent substances inert to water which, once saturated, are removed and managed in the same way as normal oil removal filter cartridges. At the end of the process, the condensate can be discharged into the sewage system in compliance with prevailing local regulations.

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