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New Adsorption Dryers ADS 4 - 7 - 10

New Adsorption Dryers ADS 4 - 7 - 10 replace the ADS 4 - 8 - 11 with the old design.

The main developments are:

  • Design very compact;
  • reduced foot print, simple design;
  • It can be installed horizontally or vertically;
  • Versatile installation with multiport system and six possible connections;
  • Aluminium head, base and cylinders prevent corrosion;
  • Automatic electronic control to manage the dryer and phase status with an
    automatic faul diagnosis;
  • The inlet high efficiency filter can be mounted directly on the unit;
  • The outlet dust filter is built into the dryer;
  • Standard dew point is -40°C. but can be set at -70°C. by derating only the FAD.

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New Oil free water injected screw compressors - Ceccato WIS


Due to constant evolution of compressed air tools, machineries and processes, some
applications require the use of compressed air totally free of oil.
Food and beverage industry, white rooms, laboratories, hospitals are typical exemples;
WIS can fulfill these oil free requirements and can also basically replace any oil
lubricated installation with extra benefits:

• Peace of mind:
no contamination risk by oil.
• Low maintenance:
no line fi lters regular exchange required.
• Energy saving:
no extra consumption linked to pressure drop through
fi ltration installation.
• Protection of the environment:
no polluted condensate and no cost for their treatment.
• WIS®
are class 0 certifi ed and ensure you the best quality of air.

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