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Ceccato -> DRF rotary screw compressors

DRF rotary screw compressors

DRF 150 / DRF 180 / DRF 220
  • High Performance
  • High Reliability
  • Low maintenance

    is the result of decades of experience in the design and construction of rotary screw compressors

  • Standard equipment

    • Intake filter
    • Capacity control device
    • Screw compressor with asymmetrical profile rotors
    • Direct drive with elastic coupling
    • Self-aligning end cap
    • 4-pole IP55 electrical motor, class F insulation
    • Air/Oil separator
    • Oil filter
    • Air/Oil coolers
    • Oil pressure regulating valve
    • Star delta starter control panel
    • Electronic controller
    • Insulated sound cover

    High efficiency filtration

    Air filter. The highly efficient, robust air filter operates with a cyclonic
    action and maintains low leakage rates.
    This ensures better pump protection and high operational reliability by preventing harmful
    particles from entering the pump and oil circuit. The air to be compressed enters the air
    filter in the cold area for improved efficiency, and is then diverted through a duct to the
    suction valve.
    To prevent damage in case of clogging, a safety device stops the unit.

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    Energy efficient ventilation

    The DRF range is fitted with speed regulated EC (Electronic Commutation) turbines.
    The speed is automatically regulated to the cooling requirements of the machine.

    This technology brings many benefits:

    • Low noise level compared to a conventional fan.
    • Increased energy savings, as the turbine is speed regulated to the cooling requirement.
    • Turbine control of the oil temperature eliminates the need for a thermostatic valve,
      ensuring a constant temperature and reduced maintenance.

    Optimised air/oil circuit

    Large aluminium air and oil exchangers:
    - Direct air flow from the turbine for improved efficiency; air outlet temperature never
    exceeds 10°C above ambient in maximum conditions.
    - Vertically mounted for easy maintenance.

    Vertical air/oil separator:
    - Efficient, three-stage air/oil separation, (centrifugal/gravitational/ coalescent).
    - Quality of the separator filter ensures that residual oil content is less than
    3 mg/m3.

    Rigid pipes and elastic coupling:
    - Durability, reduced pressure drop, and leak free.

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