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Ceccato -> DRE rotary screw compressors

DRE rotary screw compressors

DRE 75 / DRE 100 / DRE 125 / DRE 150

Simple design

- Complete access to all working parts for easy maintenance
- Radial-flow air inlet facilitates installation
- Turbine fan keeps unit cool

Air end performance

- New design
- High efficiency under all working conditions
- Low number of rotations
- Low noise levels
- Greater reliability

High-performance electric motor

- Cast-iron case
- Class F
- IP55 Protection
- Efficiency
- Low temperatures
- High quality

Airlogic a new generation of "Controller"

- Simpler
- More Complete
- More Interactive
- Multifunctional
- Multilingual


The DRE compressor is designed to facilitate
routine checks as well as routine and extraordinary
- Wide doors that open 180°,
- easily removable panels,
- easy access to all working parts,
- completely free sides,
- scheduled maintenance,
- no special tools required,
all this facilitates all routine and extraordinary maintenance operations.


- The unit is compact, with only 2.38 m2 of surface area per 125 HP of power,
- the inlet manifold is specially designed so the compressor can be installed against the wall,
- the unit is easy to move, facilitating repositioning and installation.


AIRLOGIC is an innovative but simple and effective
system that allows you to:
- manage all phases, for instance start-up, operation,
shut-off and control.
- schedule maintenance operations.
navigate easily through the program and view
messages for all operating conditions displayed on
the 4-line, 16 characters per line, LCD.
All displayed messages are clear, simple and easy to
understand. No shortcut codes.
The program is password-protected to block unauthorized access.

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