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Ceccato -> DRC rotary screw compressors

DRC rotary screw compressors

DRC 40 / DRC 50 / DRC 60

  • Intake filter
  • Flow regulator
  • Screw compressor with asymmetrical profile rotors
  • Elastic coupling
  • Coupling protective cap
  • IP 55 electric motor
  • Air-oil separator
  • Oil filter
  • Air and oil cooler
  • Oil differential pressure regulating valve
  • Start-up panel
  • Control panel
  • Sound insulation cover
  • lnitial oil fill

Available versions:
- Inverter
- Dry version
- Water-cooled

Optional equipment:
- Condensate separator
- Multicontrol regulation
- Filter for dusty environments
- Energy recovery kit

High-efficiency, low load-loss, 2 micron pleated intake filter with cyclonic pre-filter; the filter prevents damaging particles from entering the air and oil circuits, achieves improved oil efficiency and prolongs the life of the air/oil separator element and oil filter.

High-performance element with asymmetrical profile rotors, which, due to the absence of vibrations and the range of nominal speeds, limits wastage and improves overall output.

Centrifugal, gravitational and coalescing separator for high clean air and oil separation efficiency (less than 3 mg/m3 at reference conditions) with a large delivery hose for low load losses.

AIRLOGIC , the air management system regulator, monitors all information regarding proper machine operation, warns the operator of any faults and formulates a "Preventive Maintenance Schedule".

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