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Ceccato -> CSD rotary screw compressors

CSD rotary screw compressors

CSD 75 / CSD 100 / CSD 125


  • Prefilter with a filtering panel ensures maximum protection
    of internal components, and filters all the machine's intake air;
  • high output electric fan with low noise level,
  • precise analysis of internal airflows.
    These features ensure that all components are efficiently cooled,
    preventing heat pockets and optimizing operating temperature.
    The cooling air flow is conveyed to a single expulsion point so
    that over 90% of the heat that would otherwise be lost is recovered
    by simply recycling the cooling air.


The compressed air and circulating oil are cooled by an aluminium
exchanger with a large exchange surface and high thermal efficiency.
The exchanger's unique design and operation :

  • keeps its surface clean for longer,
  • prolongs thermal efficiency,
  • eases downflow of oil during oil changes,
  • and facilitates cleaning.

Easy maintenance

  • Large, practical, easily removed panels,
  • easily accessible components,
  • completely unobstructed sides,
  • scheduled maintenance,
  • scheduled maintenance,
    These features simplify normal control operations and both routine
    and extraordinary maintenance.

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