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Ceccato -> CSB rotary screw compressors

CSB rotary screw compressors

CSВ 15 / CSВ 20 / CSВ 25 / CSВ 30 / CSВ 40 / CSB 20 MS / CSВ 30 MS

Quality Design and Components

All benefits included

0 Powder coated soundproofed canopy
Aesthetic and practical panels for service.
Easy handling from 3 sides.
Low noise levels.

1 Air intake external filtration foam
Dust protection for internal components ensuring
maximum lifetime and reliability. Easy to clean.
Inverter protection for IVR units.

2 High efficiency encapsulated air filter
Protection of the screw element thanks to a 2 μm
pleated filtration media against small dust particles.
Air supplied from cold area for improve compression

3 Asymmetrical oil lubricated screws
High efficiency element built with low-wear bearings
and exact tolerances for long term performance.

4 Oil filter and Air/Oil separator cartridge
Easy removal for quick servicing. Ensuring less
than 3 ppm of oil content in the compressed air.
Extending network filter protection and reduced
service costs (oil refill).

5 Aluminium combined Air/Air and Air/Oil cooler
Mounted on roof for easy ducting.
Sized to ensure low oil temperature and low
compressed air temperature even in maximum
ambient conditions.

6 Electronic controller ES3000
User friendly and comprehensive information

7 Oil tank
Vertical vessel for initial gravity separation.
Oil sight glass visible through canopy and drain
valve on oiloutlet for easy servicing.

8 Cooling turbine
Improved efficiency compared to a conventional
fan and low noise levels.

9 Electric motor
Class F, IP55 for protection – greased for life –
protected by thermal relay – Efficiency 1 on IVR
units for improved energy savings.

10 Pulley-belt assembly
Guided alignment for efficiency.
Easy tensioning system.

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