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Ceccato -> CSA rotary screw compressors

CSA rotary screw compressors

CSA 5,5 / CSA 7,5 / CSA 10 / CSA 15 / CSA 20

Rotary Screw Compressor CSA

Silenced dry air INTAKE FILTER

COMPRESSOR with oil flooded asymmetric screws

Three-phase IP54 ELECTRIC MOTOR , euro-voltage,
class F

TRANSMISSION by means of V belts with automatically
aligned belt tensioner

OIL RESERVOIR with high efficiency air-oil separator
filter 2-3 ppm

OIL LEVEL visible via a sightglass

Combined AIR-OIL COOLER in aluminium with fine fins


External PRE-FILTER very easy to remove for cleaning

Steel PLATE BASE handling from three sides

Elegant SOUNDPROOFED BODY with polyester powder
paint surface

Control and command MAIN PANEL in a cabinet with a
door locked with a triangular key

STAR-DELTA STARTER for start up current reduction

Control and command INSTRUMENT PANEL Main switch

CONTROL PANEL comand and regulation with electronic
controller ES3000

Motor thermal protection High air/oil temperature
Safety valve Minimum pressure valve

CSA TANK e CSA DRY are two industrial options for compressed air production. They are compact, pre-assembled
and ready for use.
Designed for small and medium-scale industrial needs. Ideal where space is limited or close proximity to the
work site is required.

The CSA TANK primarily comprises:

  • CSA
  • horizontal air receiver

Atmospheric air compressed by the compressor
is collected in the air receiver.
The condensate produced can be drained through
a valveat the bottom of the air receiver.

The CSA DRY consists principally of:

  • CSA
  • horizontal air receiver
  • CDX refrigerant type air dryer
  • FMM efficiency oil removal filter
  • centralized condensate draining system.

Atmospheric air is compressed by the compressor and stored in the air receiver, then filtered and dried before entering the air network. Condensates formed during the various compressed air treatment phases are automatically drained.