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Adsorption dryers

A compressor that operates in an ambient temperature of 20°C and 70% relative humidity, takes in 12 gr of water for every Nm3 of air.

Compressed air is cooled at 30°C and condensed water vapour is separated, while 2.8 gr of water for every Nm3 of air that condense can remain in the air (compressed at 10 bar as in the example) in vapour form.

In the event of particularly rapid expansion and/or particular ambient conditions, compressed air for the application may be cooled to such an extent that the temperature drops below its Dew Point.

If the temperature falls below its dew point, further condensation takes place resulting in separation of humidity and formation of condensate. The Dew Point is the value of the temperature when we have the max. water vapour concentration in the air, at one specifi c pressure.

Over time, this may lead to:
- serious damage to the distribution network, the machines using the compressed air and the fi nal product.
- plugs of ice forming in the tubing in certain situations.

Today compressed air is a primary and essential source of energy
for most production processes, from small businesses to large
Filtered compressed air is no longer suffi cient. Modern industries
require compressed air that is increasingly fi ltered with low dew
point and condensate.
Maintaining the correct dew point for compressed air ensures
correct operation throughout the production process.

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